Mattress Outlet of Florence
4.9/5.0 Stars (8 Reviews)
Holly & Chip Downey
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May 19, 2018
"Neil was amazing.  Excellent service.  Great prices!  Will definitely shop there again.  "
Holly D.
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May 19, 2018
"Neil was fantastic. Excellent service.  Great prices.  I will definitely go back again"
Scott & Rocki Wells
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May 12, 2018
"Neil was absolutely wonderful! Literally 10 mins and we were loaded up and headed out! Will certainly be back! Also, his associate David was extremely helpful! "
Nicholas Powell
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May 01, 2018
"Neil was a great help, great guy great price great service"
Kristy Hanna
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April 21, 2018
"The salesman was super nice and helpful! We will purchase from there again!"
Casey T
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September 15, 2017
"We just got our king size mattress today! Both gentlemen working were very nice and professional, I tried out a bunch of different mattresses before deciding on the one we got.. but they answered all "
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July 24, 2017
"I just bough My mattress yesterday, the pricess they have are great on compairable mattress from big box stores at a fraction of the price.    "
Michael and Patricia
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November 16, 2017
"😊 Great customer service and nice deals on top of the line mattress.   rG"
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