About Mattress Outlet

A Comfortable Bed at a Comfortable Price

All of Mattress Outlets’ vendors are picked for the quality of their goods. Not only do they produce fine products trading under their own names and some of the largest department stores in the country, they honor their commitment to customers in the warranty process. All of this at the lowest delivered price without gimmicks. This allows Mattress Outlet to offer the best goods at the best prices to its customers.  All of our products are sourced from the United States, and as close to our market areas as possible. Virtually 95% of our products are produced by skilled craftspeople employed in  Virginia and North Carolina factories.

Mattress Outlet was started after the founder went to buy mattresses for a new house and was told that the cheapest full set he could purchase was $450 for the lowest grade in the store. The salesman was not particularly polite when quoting the price. At that time, our guy had just bought several truckloads of mattresses to help folks who had been damaged by a recent hurricane.

When he mentioned this to the salesman, the salesman told him that if he knew so much about mattresses he ought to buy them direct himself if it was true. So six months later he did, starting Mattress Outlet in an unused retail store fronting some other storage units.

Treating the customer fairly and politely, treating every customer the same regardless of the amount they want to spend, and being the lowest price to the consumer, the company started selling mattress sets.  Close to 16 years later, the company is still doing the same with the same guidelines which have been in place since the start.