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How Often Should You Buy a New Mattress?

Dust mites, bed bugs, fungus, and bacteria all have one thing in common. They’re lurking in your old mattress. Gross, right?

Along with other yuck, like saliva and dead skin cells, is what you’ve been sleeping on. No sweet dreams tonight after knowing this. 

You’re ready for a new mattress if you can’t remember when you bought yours in the first place. But the main question is: how often should you buy a new one? 

We outline the answer below along with other helpful tips for making your next bed purchase. 

Here’s How Often You Should Buy a New Mattress

Knowing what hides beneath your seemingly clean bed has you wondering: when should I buy a new mattress? A good number is every eight to ten years. (Just think: if it’s over eight, it’s time to replace!)

However, a bed’s quality can expire sooner than that. It all depends on the material and the frequency of use. If you’re using your bed as a couch and dining table most of the time, it’ll worsen quicker. 

That said, let’s look at the best reasons to swap out your mattress. 

Reasons to Replace Your Mattress

Bed feeling lumpy? Waking up in a bad mood? Let’s consider all the causes to get a new mattress. 

Wear and Tear

We spend 33 years in bed. It’s no wonder our mattresses get worn down.

The fabric rips, exposing the foamy and fluffy innards, springs become uncomfortable, or it’s sagging in the middle. Noticing these things means you’re due for a new mattress. 

Muscle Stiffness

Ever wake up with a crick in your neck? Body aches mean your bed isn’t doing its job. It needs to be replaced. 

Worsening Allergies

With dust mites and other allergens living inside your mattress, you might notice worsening allergies. Sneezing often, phlegmy coughs, and watery eyes are all indicators your bed might be to blame. 

A Hotel Bed Is Comfier

When on vacation, do you sleep better? It’s not because you’re temporarily free of responsibility. It’s the type of bed the hotel provides. 

If your bed is incomparable to one outside your home, it’s time to get a new mattress. 

It Affects Your Partner’s Sleep

Is your partner always tossing and turning? They can’t get comfy which means you can’t get comfy either. Talk to them about it and consider changing your mattress. 

Benefits of Replacing Your Mattress

Beds often cost triple, sometimes quadruple, digits. Financing options make buying a new mattress an easier decision. It’s less of a headache for you and less of an impact on your wallet. 

Now that you can’t use cost as an excuse to not replace your mattress, here are the benefits of doing so. 

Reduced Aches

Say goodbye to back pain and restless movements. A new mattress means improved sleep which equals less discomfort. 

Better Mood

How many times do you wake up cranky? Don’t rely on coffee and meditative apps to cheer up. Dumping your old bed for a new one will put you in a better mindset. 

Reduced Allergies

Breathe better with a new mattress. It’s clean and not covered in allergens that affect your health. It’ll also save you money if you spend a lot of it on allergy medication. 

Better Health

We don’t always connect our health to how well we sleep. Without quality sleep, we put ourselves at risk for heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, even stroke. 

Factors Influencing a Mattress’ Longevity

To make your bed last longer, like to the ten-year mark, consider these factors. They all play a role in how long your bed lasts. Here’s what to look out for. 


Innerspring and all-foam mattresses last the least amount of time. They’re prone to sagging due to body impressions. 

If these are the options you want, for memory foam beds, look for higher foam densities. For innerspring, thicker coils is what you want. 

Higher-quality materials won’t break down as quickly. You’ll hold onto your mattress for longer, reaping the benefits and saving money. 

Pets and Children

Children jumping on the bed or treating it like an obstacle course spells disaster for the longevity of it. Springs wear down, foam sags easier making replacing the mattress inevitable. 

As for pets, they can do the same amount damage, especially if it’s a big dog wanting to snuggle at nighttime. For other animals, like cats and small dog breeds, they can leave behind stains and rips. 

Mattress Care

Think of your bed as an investment. You wouldn’t neglect your car year after year, right? Then why neglect your mattress?

Rotating your mattress every three months distributes wear better, just like getting tires rotated. Along with that, use a mattress protector.

This will prevent stains from seeping through to the fabric. They can even add an extra layer of cushion if you need it.

Knowing How to Handle Your Mattress

When moving, it’s important to handle your bed the right way. Keeping it upright prevents creasing and damage to coils. Don’t pile boxes or furniture on top. 

When it comes to cleaning, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation. Using certain chemicals will do more harm than good–to both you and the mattress. 

Enjoy Your New Mattress

Buying a new mattress means you don’t have to worry about dust mites or bacteria. You’ll not only have improved sleep but less aches and pains. With simple care and maintenance, you can make your mattress last even longer.

Not sure what kind of bed you want? Take a look at all of our options today!

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