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The 5 Ways to Get Good Sleep on a Hot Night

For most of the country, summer is hot, and that can make sleeping difficult. Whether you have air conditioning or not, your house is undoubtedly hotter.

So, how can you improve your sleep when it’s hot for months or you live in a warm climate?

Let’s look at five ways to get good sleep on a hot night.

#1: Cool the Room During the Day

When you keep your shades, blinds, or curtains open all day, you’ll find that the room heats up considerably.

This is the last thing you want to do if you want a cooler place to sleep at night. By keeping your room cool all day, you have a better chance of keeping it cool while you sleep.

Most people agree that the best temperature for sleeping is between 66-69 degrees. Even if you use your air conditioner and fans, you want to keep your shades shut so you can keep your bedroom cool during the day.

#2: Buy a Cooling Mattress

If you buy a nice, high-quality mattress, you’ll find that you feel cooler when you sleep on it. This is because nicer mattresses are better able to disperse your body heat. So ultimately you end up sleeping cooler.

Most memory foam mattresses will allow you to sleep cooler.

#3: Get Prepared

How do you prepare for a good sleep when it’s warm outside and in your house?

You want to prepare the room so there is a good breeze blowing.

If it’s cool where you live in the evening, you can open your windows and let the fresh air and breeze in. Be careful, though, and make sure it’s not loud in your neighborhood.

Yet, if you don’t live somewhere where it cools down at night, you definitely want to use a fan or even several.

Set up a couple of fans around your bedroom so you get a strategic breeze that’s not annoying but is soothing.

You may also find the sound of the fan and the white noise it makes easier to fall asleep while helping you stay asleep longer.

In addition, if you run your air conditioner, consider turning it down a little at night. It’s always better to sleep cool.

Finally, make sure to sleep with the door open. If you close the door, the heat has nowhere to go.

#4: Limit Your Bed Guests

If you have kids and pets in bed with you, it’s a good idea to send them to their own beds. Keep your bed for you and your partner.

While you may like cuddling with your partner, your pets, and even your small children during the cold winter evenings, you want to limit your bed partners when it’s hot because togetherness raises the temperature in the room.

You’ll find the more creatures in your bed, the harder time you’ll have at cooling off. Bottom line – the fewer bodies the better.

Another good idea is to spread out on your bed, so you and your partner aren’t so close to one another. And make sure the fans blow on everyone who likes the cool breeze.

#5: Cool Your Bed

If you want good sleep on a hot night, you can also try sleeping in lighter pajamas. Now is not the time for long sleeves and long pants or flannel pajamas.

Sleep in breathable, lightweight fabrics when it’s hot. Also, look for more natural materials and fibers as they make it easier for your body to regulate its temperature.

In addition, consider switching out your bedding for summer weight sheets, lightweight blankets, and a thin comforter. It can be helpful to have a winter set and a summer set that helps you feel cooler when sleeping.

Final Thoughts

To get the best night’s sleep on a hot night, you want to keep your body temperature at normal or even slightly less than your normal temperature.

By keeping your body at these temperatures, you are better able to sleep. It’s a proven fact that sleeping colder can help you sleep better. In fact, a Harvard study found that your body temperature drops right before you go to sleep. Then your body reduces its core temperature while you sleep by 1 to 2°F. This helps you conserve energy.

Therefore, when you sleep in a colder room, your temperature drops faster, and you fall asleep and stay asleep easier.

As you improve your bedroom for a good night’s sleep on a hot night, don’t forget to forgo the caffeine after an early dinner, avoid screens a few hours before bedtime, and take a warm bath or shower before bedtime.

With the five ways to get good sleep on a hot night we discussed in this article, you may be able to hit those core temperature numbers for a great night of sleep!

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