The Best Mattress Type for a Back Sleeper

Whether you’re a back sleeper, side sleeper, or tummy sleeper, there are mattress types made just for you.

Today, we’re looking at mattress features for a back sleeper. If this is you, you are most likely looking for a mattress that has the perfect combination of support and comfort. You want your mattress to conform to your contours yet one that’s sturdy enough to help keep your spine in alignment.

Let’s look at the best mattress type for you, a back sleeper. When looking for mattresses for back sleepers, there are certain mattress features to look for.

1. Look at Firmness Levels

When considering mattress features for back sleepers, you want to first look at how firm the bed is. The firmness level of your mattress is vital to your overall comfort and even pain level.

Generally speaking, the best mattress is medium firm. It’s not too soft, and it’s not too firm. Because it’s not too soft, you don’t sink into the bed, and you have enough support. And because it’s not too firm, it still contours to your body. In addition, a mattress that is too firm can really put extra pressure on your shoulders and your hips. You then end up sore in the morning.

2. Look for a Mattress that Contours

Another mattress feature a back sleeper wants to look for is the perfect balance of support combined with comfort.

For example, a memory foam mattress is often a great choice for a back sleeper because the foam contours to the shape of your body when you lay on it. Most back sleepers find this incredibly comfortable. Not only does the mattress contour to the curves of your spine, but it cradles you in comfort.

If you’re looking for a more traditional innerspring mattress, you want to find one with a memory foam layer. Alternatively, you can add a foam mattress topper.

3. Look for a Strong Mattress

When shopping by mattress features, you want to look for a durable, strong mattress. Spend a little bit more money for durability, and your mattress will offer you support for your spine.

Consider the quality of the mattress and the materials involved in making it. The best mattresses will last you around eight years.

4. Look Out for Comfort

As you start shopping for a new mattress, we encourage you to lay down on several. Check for comfort. You want to know from the outset that the mattress feels good to lay on.

Comfort is important for back sleepers. Consider when you lay down on your mattress, how you have a space in the lumbar area of your back. This is an important place to pay attention to when lying down.

You want to make sure there is enough lumbar support to close that gap between the mattress and your lumbar region. This is vital, especially if you have back pain.

Final Thoughts on the Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers

The back sleeping position is the second most popular type of sleeping position after side sleeping.  People who sleep on their back may sleep straight like a “soldier.” Or they might sleep like a “starfish” with their arms above their heads and their legs stretched out to the side.

Whichever back position you find yourself in, it’s important that you choose a mattress with the mattress features that work for you.

First, you want proper spine alignment. Without this, you’ll find yourself waking up with aches and pains. You want mattress features that support your hips and shoulders. Yet you don’t want to put pressure on them. You want an even sleep surface, a mattress that conforms to your contours, and one that doesn’t sag.

Second, you want to look for a medium-firm mattress. This is especially true for average-weight back sleepers. If you are heavier, you want to look for a firmer mattress.

Third, don’t forget your pillow. Like your mattress, you want to find a pillow that is comfortable and supportive.

Back sleepers don’t need a pillow with a lot of loft. For those who sleep on their back, a thin to medium pillow is best. Choosing the right pillow means you can keep your head, neck, and spine in proper alignment.

The best mattress features are the ones that not only meet your sleep position needs, but your personal preferences, and your budget.

At Mattress Outlet, we can help you find the perfect mattress with just the right mattress features for night after night of solid, comfortable sleep.

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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