7 Reasons Not to Put Your Mattress on the Floor

Getting ready to buy a new mattress? Considering saving money by skipping the base, foundation, or box springs? Wondering if it’s ok to just put your mattress on the floor?

It turns out that there are definite cons to putting your mattress on the ground. So, in this article, we’re going to outline the reasons not to put your mattress on the floor.

7 Reasons Not to Cut Costs and Put Your Mattress on the Floor

1. Your Mattress Might Get Moldy

If you put your mattress on the floor, you definitely run the risk of it getting moldy or having mildew. Why?

This is because there is no airflow at all between your mattress and the ground. As a result, you create a situation that is ripe for mildew to gather and mold to spread. If you live in a hot or humid climate, you may have an even bigger problem.

What’s more, as you lay on your bed and sweat, the skin cells you shed gravitate toward the bottom of the mattress. That moisture has nowhere to go and forms mold.

That being said, if you must put it on the floor, a hybrid mattress or innerspring will do better than an all-foam bed.

2. You Will Definitely Feel Hotter

For much the same reason as a mattress on the floor gets moldy, you will feel hotter sleeping on the floor. This is because all mattresses and especially foam ones, need to have airflow so they can breathe.

Because of the restricted airflow, there is no place for the heat you generate to escape than from the top and the sides. So, because the heat is at the top of the bed where you are, you are going to feel hotter.

If your mattress was in a bed frame, the heat could escape out the bottom. For people who sleep hot or get overheated at night, you are definitely going to lose sleep. This is even more increased if your bed is placed on carpeting.

3. Bugs May Cause Issues

With a mattress on the ground, bugs are more likely to invade. Not only are they likely to crawl over you as you sleep, but they are also more likely to invade the inside of your mattress.

Floors are also dirty and dusty. We find that not only dust, but dust mites accumulate faster on a bed on the floor. If your bed is raised off the floor, you won’t get as many bugs in or on your mattress.

Don’t forget bed bugs. With a mattress on the floor, you are basically giving them an open invitation. The bottom line — bugs and dust cause allergies. So, if you are an allergy sufferer, you definitely don’t want to put your mattress on the floor.

4. You May Lose Your Warranty

Many mattress manufacturers offer warranties, but they are only valid if you place your mattress on the right frame.

So, if you are putting your bed on the floor, you may void your warranty. Be sure and check with your mattress store to learn more.

5. You May Get Cold

Yes, we already mentioned you might get overheated sleeping on the floor, but you can also be too cold.

For example, if you live in a cold climate, or it’s winter, it can be drafty on the floor, and you can be uncomfortably chilly.

6. You May End Up in Pain

If you are a side sleeper, you most likely don’t want to sleep on the floor. Why? When you sleep on the floor, you have a firmer sleep surface. This can cause you to have a mattress that feels too firm.

If you have sensitive spots or joints or want to sleep on your side, your mattress may no longer feel soft enough to relieve pressure in areas like your hips, neck, back, and shoulders.

Because the floor is hard, you may cause yourself issues at particular pressure points.

7. You May Find It Harder to Get Up

For seniors or people with pain or mobility issues, it may be hard to get off of a mattress on the floor.

Plus, because you can’t roll out of bed and put your feet on the floor as easily as you could with it on a frame, you may trip or stumble. This can cause you to hurt or even break something.

Final Thoughts

Not all mattresses are meant to go on the floor. Likewise, not all people can successfully sleep on the floor.

So, think about these seven reasons not to put your mattress on the floor before making a decision. Take a look at your environment and consider the needs of your body. Then, come see us so we can help!

If you decide you are ready for a mattress and base, we can help you find the right one for your needs and your budget! Contact us today!

Photo by Skylar Kang on Pexels

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