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A mattress that should not be put on the floor without support.

7 Reasons Not to Put Your Mattress on the Floor

Thinking of cutting costs & putting your mattress down on the ground without support? Discover these seven reasons not to put your mattress on the floor!
A mattress sitting on top of a new bed frame, with covers and a cozy bedroom scene.

5 Signs Your Mattress Needs a New Frame

You want a bed that properly supports you & your mattress for a great night’s sleep. Discover these five signs your mattress needs a new frame for better sleep!
A cozy bed in a quaint bedroom that is set up for warm sleepers with our two mattress features.

Are You a Warm Sleeper? 2 Mattress Features to Look Out For

If you are a warm sleeper, you may struggle to sleep. But you’re not alone. Check out two mattress features to lower the temperature & improve your sleep soon!
White pillows on a Mattress Outlet mattress.

How Your Pillow Type is Impacting Your Sleep

A good mattress is important for quality sleep, but so is pillow type. Discover how your pillow type is impacting your sleep & how to find the right pillow!
Memory foam mattress in a cozy dark painted room for good sleep

Memory Foam: What is it And Why Should You Care?

If you aren’t familiar with memory foam, you may wonder what it is and why you should care. We can explain it. Read our blog to learn more!
7 Benefits of a Good Mattress

6 Benefits of a Good Mattress

You need a good mattress. Why? You know how bad you feel after…