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A cozy bedroom fitted with the benefits of having a bed in a box.

5 Benefits of Getting a Bed in a Box

You’ve heard a lot about the bed in a box mattress. It appears in your social media feeds, and it is all over the internet. Just what are these mattresses called “bed in a box?”

We uncover them in this article as we look at the five benefits of getting a bed in a box.

Choosing a mattress is an important decision, and when researching your choices, you want to ensure you’re getting a good mattress. If you’re considering a bed in a box, let’s define it first.

What is a Bed in a Box?

In the simplest terms, a bed in a box is something that is sold online and shipped to you. It is usually a foam mattress that has been rolled and compressed.

It’s then put into a box and shipped right to you. The box is often sized just right for easy moving.

When you get the mattress, all you have to do is unpack it, lay it out flat, and wait for it to expand. It will regain its natural shape soon. Now that you know what it is, let’s look at the benefits of a bed in a box.

#1: Cost Savings

Because it takes out a lot of manual labor, a bed in a box is usually less expensive than a traditional mattress purchase.

Yes, you can pay thousands for a bed in a box, but most of these mattresses are more affordable than standard mattresses. You’ll also find online sales nearly all year long.

In this direct-to-consumer sale, overhead costs are reduced so that the manufacturer can pass the savings on to you.

#2: Easy Delivery and Set Up

Since your bed in a box is being shipped right to you, there are no delivery fees to pay. Or, you don’t have to figure out how to get your new mattress from the store to your house. There’s definitely no strapping a new bed to the top of your car.

Your compressed mattress arrives straight at your door. It comes in a manageable size box. So you don’t have the chore of lugging a very large, cumbersome mattress through doorways or upstairs.

Once home, the setup is seamless.

In no time, you can open the box, lay out your mattress, and it fluffs back into shape. Then, all you have to do is lay the compressed mattress on your box spring or bed frame and wait for it to inflate to size. This usually takes about a day.

Then it’s off to a dreamy night’s sleep.

#3: A Risk-Free Trial Period

Another benefit of the bed in a box is that many manufacturers let you try the bed out for a period of time. A free trial to decide if you like your new mattress is a great bonus.

There’s nothing quite like sleeping on your new mattress for a month or so to decide if it’s the right one for you.

Look around and see what sleep trial companies are offering. You may find some for a few weeks to a whole year. A risk-free purchase of your new bed in a box is a benefit worth considering.

#4: Comfortable Sleep

You’ll find that whether you sleep alone or with a partner, the bed in a box is a very comfortable option.

The layers of memory foam create a cozy sleep spot on a medium-firm mattress. The bed in a box is a comfortable, supportive mattress whether you sleep on your back, side, tummy, or a combination. You’ll enjoy the cooling properties, especially if you sleep hot.

Finally, the memory foam is quiet and absorbs movement, so you have little motion transfer when your partner moves or changes position.

#5: Options That Make Sense

One of the most frustrating parts of mattress shopping is wading through the many choices. That can make it extra challenging.

The good news is that when you are looking at a bed in a box, you will generally have fewer options to choose from. This makes it easier to pick out just the right one.

So, instead of a company offering 20 different mattresses to choose from, a bed in a box company may offer a handful. This makes choosing so much easier.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the benefits of a bed in a box, you are ready to buy one of these unique mattresses. But, still do your research. You have options, so you want to think about what’s important to you. For many, that’s cost and comfort.

In addition, you want to consider your body type, your sleep position, and the level of support you want. As you do your research, look at mattress features, such as cooling technology, motion isolation, and even whether it has a removable, washable cover.

Be sure and check out our bed in a box mattress! Our hybrid memory foam mattress provides superior comfort and support.

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A soft mattress with bedding on it overlooking a window view and sunlight

Is a Soft Mattress Right for You?

Buying a new mattress can be a stressful thing for many people. After all, you’re buying something you’ll be sleeping on for at least seven or eight years. And you want to make sure it’s comfortable, provides a good night’s sleep, and doesn’t cause you pain.

So, as you start your mattress shopping, you might be wondering if a soft mattress is right for you.

In this article, we’re going to look at the pros and cons of a soft mattress so you can decide if it’s the one you should choose. First, let’s define a soft mattress.

Definition of a Soft Mattress

When you sit on a soft mattress, you’ll notice a very obvious difference from a firm mattress. While a firm mattress is rigid and doesn’t have any “bounce,” a soft mattress will squish and compress when you sit on it or lay down.

Mattresses usually come on a scale from 1 being the softest to 10 being the firmest. Generally speaking, a soft mattress comes in between 1 and 5, with any above 5 being medium. When you’re looking for a soft mattress, you’re usually looking at a number between 3 and 4 for a softness rating.

That being said, there really is no industry standard, and each mattress manufacturer uses its own scale to rate its mattresses.

When it comes to mattress types, you can choose a soft mattress in any of the categories. This includes innerspring, memory foam, hybrid, and others.

The softness of a mattress is found in the top layers. This is where the most foam and padding are. When it comes to softness, it depends on the softness of the outer layers of the mattress.

To determine if a soft mattress is right for you, here are the people who generally benefit from a softer sleep:

You are a Side Sleeper

Side sleepers need a mattress that conforms to their spine and their joints. Because they are sleeping on their shoulders and their hips, they need cushion and support on these pressure points.

When you sleep on a soft mattress, the plush surface has enough give to provide you with the best in pressure relief.

You are a Back Sleeper

The best part about sleeping on your back is that you can sleep on a wide variety of surfaces and be comfortable.

A soft mattress can be quite comfortable for you but do be careful it isn’t too soft, so you lose support for your spine. A pillow under your knees can be quite helpful.

You are a Healthy Weight

For people who aren’t overweight, a soft mattress can be quite comfortable.

For heavier people, a soft mattress can sink too much to feel good.

The general rule of thumb is that if you weigh less than 120 pounds, a soft mattress is perfect. If you weigh more than 250 pounds, you may want to look at medium to firm mattresses, so you don’t experience bed compression.

Finally, if you sleep with a partner, account for everyone’s weight together when picking out your new mattress.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to deciding on a mattress type, you really want to consider your sleep position, your weight, and your comfort preferences.

A soft mattress will feel better to almost everybody at first, but it isn’t for everyone.

Now that you know who might benefit from a soft mattress, let’s conclude by looking at the pros and cons of this type of bed:

When it comes to the pros of a soft mattress, you’ll definitely find them softer and more comfortable the first time you sit down.

A soft mattress is pillowy and cushiony. You might even envision yourself having the best sleep of your life. In addition, if you have back pain that isn’t responding to a firm mattress, a soft mattress can be a good alternative. Side sleepers also experience a better night’s sleep because the soft mattress contours to their hips and shoulders alleviating pressure.

On the con side of a soft mattress, many find they start to sag earlier than firmer mattresses. And for some people, such as stomach and back sleepers, a soft mattress causes them aches and pains. For heavier people and even couples, a soft mattress is not a good idea. Why? Because a soft mattress causes them to have a sleeping surface that’s uneven.

With this information in hand, you’re ready to start shopping at Mattress Outlet today! Let us help you find what you need. Finally, don’t forget that your mattress will get softer over time. So, you want to plan accordingly when choosing the level of softness of your new mattress.

Photo by Lumi W on Unsplash