Choosing a Quality Mattress That You Can Afford

As a young adult just getting started, every dollar counts. It can be tough to set up your new place on a budget, but you don’t have to settle for low quality to save cash. With a bit of research and planning, you can get high-quality items for your home without blowing all your money. And one of the first things you will need is a good mattress. 

A comfortable mattress is an investment. A quality mattress allows you to get the sleep you need to face your busy day. You want to make certain you have a bed you can rest easy on for years to come. Whether you are setting up your first apartment or furnishing your new family home, check out these affordable mattress options that won’t make you skimp on comfort and durability.

Meraluna All Foam Memory Foam Mattress

This comfortable mattress has seven inches of base foam, a layer of contouring foam, a layer of Visco foam, and a layer of gel memory foam. The base foam gives the mattress support and structure, along with better durability. The Visco foam conforms to your body, offering pressure relief for a great night’s sleep. The gel memory foam gives you even more comfort and dissipates your body heat. To top it off, it has a quilted top for extra comfort. 

Azure Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress

At the foundation of this fine mattress is foam encased 792 pocketed coil. This provides innerspring support for a comfortable night and allows your mattress to breathe. Following the pocketed coil is a layer of contouring foam, which offers a transitional layer above the springs, Visco foam, and gel memory foam, to provide pressure relief as they hug your body with comfort. Topping the mattress is a seamless cover of breathable fabric, for your comfort.  

Sleep Inc. Bed in a Box Hybrid Mattress

You have two options for your best sleep with this hybrid mattress. You can choose the ten-inch or twelve-inch bed in a box, depending on your preference. Whichever you choose, you will find it to be made for your comfort.

The Sleep Inc. Bed in a Box Hybrid Mattress contains ergonomic features that promote better spinal alignment and help you avoid neck and back pain, along with other aches. Topping this mattress is a quilted cover. Just below that is a layer of OmniSense comfort foam. The next layer is memory foam that adds lumbar support, with a layer of SupportSense comfort foam. These are the layers that give you the feeling of being surrounded by total comfort. They contour to the curves of your body in softness while giving you the firm support you need to rest. Beneath the foam layers are the pocketed coils, the foundation of the mattress. All these layers combine to provide the ultimate comfort and support for restful sleep night after night. 

Know Your Sleep Style

Before you start shopping for a new mattress, you need to determine what kind of sleeper you are. This will help you get the right mattress for your particular sleeping position. 

Side Sleeper

Almost 75% of people prefer to sleep on their side. Those who sleep on their side should watch out for pain in the shoulder, hip, and back, which can occur when your neck, spine, and hips are improperly aligned. In order to get a good night’s sleep, you need a quality mattress designed to keep your body properly aligned. Many side sleepers find that plush and ultra-plush mattresses provide the level of comfort they need. 

Stomach Sleeper

If you prefer to sleep on your stomach, you are among about 16% of the population. Many people deride this sleeping position since it can add extra stress to your neck and spine. To avoid these problems, you need to look for a mattress that provides firm support. Stomach sleepers should avoid plush mattresses and opt for firmness. This gives your muscles the resistance they need while you sleep and keeps your spine from misalignment through the night. 

Back Sleeper

Around 8 to 14 percent of sleepers prefer sleeping on their back. Though it is not nearly as popular as other sleeping positions, it is a great position for your back, neck, and head alignment. It adds no additional pressure to any of these areas, allowing your spine to enjoy a neutral resting position. If you lay on your back to sleep, you should look for memory foam or hybrid mattresses, since they are the best at conforming to your head, neck, and spine while you sleep.

Multiple Sleepers

Couples often have different sleeping positions, making it more difficult to find a mattress that works for both. But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your comfort for that of another. You and your partner should shop for mattresses together, making sure to test out the mattresses before selecting one. This will give both of you a chance to experience what comfort and firmness level works best.

Finding the Mattress of Your Dreams

With a little preparation, you can find a mattress that will give you the full night of restful sleep you deserve. Knowing how you sleep and what kind of mattress works best for your sleeping position will help you choose a compatible mattress without spending all your money.

Each of these mattresses comes with a low price, so you can get a quality mattress for less. They offer durability, versatility, and continued comfort at a price young adults can afford. Once you understand what you need in a mattress, it is easy to find the right mattress to give you the nightly rest you need to face your busy life.

The Benefits of an Adjustable Base

The average adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep each night, but over 40% reported they suffer from sleep deprivation. We spend over half of our lives in bed and that time should be spent rejuvenating our bodies or, at the very least, allowing us a comfortable night’s sleep. 

An adjustable base is a simple tool that can help nearly everyone benefit from a good night’s sleep. The benefits below will help you learn just how it can revolutionize your sleep, so you can wake up feeling like your best self.  

What Is an Adjustable Base?

You know that box spring your mattress sits on that is flat as a board and most of us forgot we had or even needed? That’s a generic mattress base. An adjustable base sits in the same spot, nestled underneath your mattress. 

It’s unique in that it can be adjusted by remote control to hinge upwards and downwards at an angle. This piece of sleep ingenuity allows you to customize your sitting and sleeping position to keep you as comfortable as possible. 

Fall Asleep Faster

Sleep doesn’t always come easily and you can spend hours tossing and turning in bed until you finally fall asleep. Sleep is crucial to our health and daily routines and your mattress and base need to help you reach your sleeping needs. 

The sooner you can find a comfortable position the sooner you can fall into a deep, restorative sleep. Adjustable bases have options to raise only your head, your entire upper body, and even your lower body depending on your preferences. 

Take the time to experiment with different adjustments to see which leaves you feeling the most rested and pain-free each morning. 

Enhance Your Nighttime Routine

No matter how you like to unwind before bed, it’s important to be comfortable while doing it. Want to sit up to read a book before you settle in for the night? Raise up half of the base to keep good posture. 

Instead of fighting pillows and blankets into a tolerable position, an adjustable base prevents you from leaning against hard surfaces and makes your bed move based on your specific needs. 

Decrease Snoring

Sleeping on your back narrows the throat and somewhat blocks the airway, causing snoring. Your sleeping position and posture is a leading cause of excessive snoring not related to a medical condition. 

Raising the head of a base several inches can help open your airway more and prevent snoring. By enhancing your sleeping posture you can add another layer of snoring prevention. 

Lessen Back Pain

Posture is extremely important for eliminating pain and is just as important when we sleep. After all, no one likes waking up feeling like they’ve slept on a pile of rocks. An adjustable base allows you to maintain a natural curve of the spine. This will reduce your chances of back pain, scoliosis, stiffness, and strained muscles. 

No matter the position you sleep in, you can adjust the height of your bed to match, making a night of deep sleep a small adjustment away. Depending on your daily activities you may need to try a variety of sleeping positions to alleviate pain.

By using a base that’s adjustable, you can customize how you sleep each night to target a specific area that’s bothering you. 

Improve Circulation

The more oxygen flowing to the brain while you sleep, the better your sleep will be. Body position affects your circulation even when you’re sleeping, so it’s essential to find a position that enhances it. 

Injuries, illnesses, standing on your feet all day, and pregnancy can cause your legs to swell. Having a bed that can adjust easily to your circulatory needs to help alleviate pain from the lower body due to these common issues and occurrences can mean the difference between resting well and restless sleep. 

Customized Adjustments for You and Your Partner

Want to stay up reading but your partner wants the bed flat so they can sleep? No problem. Many adjustable bases have two separate sides so you and your partner can customize your sleeping positions. 

If your partner snores, you can easily adjust their side of the bed with a remote so you both can enjoy a full night of uninterrupted sleep. Keep in mind that you will also need to have separate mattresses for this option to be effective. 

Enhance Your Independence

Traditional mattress bases are not designed to help us get out of bed. Adjustable bases cater to a wider audience that might need assistance getting in and out of bed including people with disabilities, injuries, or senior citizens. 

Losing your ability to do simple tasks can be demoralizing. An adjustable base allows you to keep your independence when getting in and out of bed. Simply adjust the bed to help you into a seated position or use it to help you safely lower yourself onto the mattress. 

Reduce Acid Reflux Symptoms

Sleeping on your back allows an easy path for stomach acid to travel upwards towards your esophagus, causing acid reflux or heartburn. Raising the head or upper body slightly can alter your position enough to prevent this uncomfortable experience.

When we sleep our bodies continue to digest the food we’ve eaten throughout the day. While lying flat is a favorite sleeping position for many people, it isn’t ideal for digestion. To help, use your base to raise your head approximately six inches to keep your body working at its best even when you’re asleep!

Ready for an Adjustable Base?

With all of those amazing benefits, we don’t doubt that’s the case. Leave a comment below to let us know which benefit you’re the most excited about.

If you want to explore more options for improving your sleep, check out our news section for more helpful articles on mattresses, adjustable bases, sleeping, and more!

Want to learn more about adjustable bases and how you can improve your sleep? Our product page will give you all the details you need about adjustable bases and guide you towards ordering yours.

Essential Tips for Mattress Shopping With Your College Student

There’s no need to put money under the mattress. There’s money in the mattress. 

The mattress industry is worth 16.5 billion dollars. Thousands of businesses sell mattresses, in both retail and online outlets. 

When faced with so many shops and products, mattress shopping can be overwhelming. When coupled with preparing your child for college, shopping can be stupefying. 

Don’t panic. You can find the best mattress for college students once you figure out what to look for. Here is a quick guide. 

Consider Sizing

Many people have heard of “king size mattresses” or “twin size mattresses.” But few people know what those terms actually mean

Twin size mattresses are best for children. They are roughly 39 inches wide by 75 inches long. If your student is small, they can sleep in a twin size bed, but they’re not ideal if the student moves in their sleep. 

Twin XL mattresses are a longer version of a twin mattress. They are 39 inches wide by 80 inches long. Twin XL is ideal for taller students, as they have more room to stretch their legs and back. 

Full mattresses are 54 inches wide by 75 inches long. They are mainly for couples, though they provide space for a sleeper that moves around. If your student has a significant other, you can buy a full-size mattress to accommodate both of them. 

Queen and king mattresses are for couples. Queens are 60″ x 80″, while kings are 76″ x 80″. There is no need to buy these sizes for your college student. 

Different Materials for a College Mattress

Once you’ve picked the size, you need to pick the materials. There are several factors to consider what picking the right materials. You should consider texture, temperature, and chemicals. 

Innerspring mattresses are bouncy yet firm. The coils are covered with fabric, so the student doesn’t feel them if they move across the mattress. If you want added softness, pick a product with a plush top.

Memory foam mattresses have less spring but more contours. Memory foam adapts to the shape of the body, touching each pressure point. If you are concerned about heat, buy gel foam that dissipates body heat. 

If your student wants to adjust their support night-to-night, you can purchase an air-filled mattress. The student can inflate the mattress for firm support, or they can deflate it for a softer experience. Some foam mattresses have soft and firm sides that they can flip when they want a change. 

Foam and latex mattresses are very popular. But they are substances that can hold in body heat, especially when a person sleeps with sheets over them. 

You can select an air-filled mattress to deflect heat. The student can also use sheets and toppers that cool their body down. 

Foam and latex resist dust mites and mold. They can place an allergen-resistant cover over their mattress for added protection. 

If you’re worried about chemicals, select foams that CertiPUR-US certifies. They inspect mattresses for harmful substances. 

Match the Mattress to the Sleeping Position

You want a mattress that supports your sleeping position. You need a surface that holds the student’s body weight and conforms to their shape. 

If your student is a side-sleeper, they need pressure relief for their joints. Innersprings can offer that relief. A soft foam mattress that has built-in relief points can work as well. 

Stomach sleepers often feel like they are being smothered in their sleep. Enveloping memory foam will create that feeling, even if the sleeper moves their head to the side. A firm foam or air-filled mattress provides better support. 

Back sleepers need a surface that supports their back but provides a little slack. Nearly every type of mattress works for back sleepers. Your student should try out several and pick the best one for them. 

If your student moves around in their sleep, an innerspring or memory foam mattress provides support. Springs and memory foam can adjust to any movement, comforting your student as they sleep. If you want to reduce their motion, a medium-firm mattress can help. 

Make sure your mattress can accommodate pillows and sleeping aids. Some people who sleep on their backs tuck in pillows to support their spine. Your mattress should not cave in when the pillow is against the back. 

While Mattress Shopping

You and your student can shop for mattresses online or in stores. But your student should try out different mattresses. Shopping in stores allows them to do that without the need to ship products back. 

Even after you’ve picked size and materials, you have several options to choose from. Don’t be afraid to try each mattress out.

Your student can practice lying on the mattress for five minutes. Test out toppers, comforters, and pillows with each product. 

You can buy accessories at the store. Keep in mind that most colleges provide box springs or board foundations. 

Return the mattress if your student has complaints. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for success in college. Sleep deprivation can decrease school performance and lead to depression and weight gain. 

How to Shop for a Mattress

Everyone needs a good mattress, even college students. Mattress shopping is difficult because there are so many products, but you can find the perfect college dorm mattress. 

A Twin XL or Full mattress is probably best. Innersprings and memory foam provide support for all body sizes and most sleeping positions. If you want to reduce heat, you can select an air-filled product. 

Try out many mattresses before selecting the best one. Rest on the mattress with pillows and comforters. Do not buy box springs or board foundations since colleges provide those. 

Get expert help for your perfect mattress. The Mattress Outlet has more than 15 years of experience in providing premium mattresses at affordable prices. Find a location near you.